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One Easy Motion Targets Your Entire Abs

Finally, you can get up off the floor and sculpt beautiful abs…
all in as little as 90 seconds a day!

Independent University testing has shown that Cross Crunch is an amazing 400% more effective than crunches on the floor. That’s right, 400% more effective at working your entire abdominals, that’s your upper abs, lower abs and side obliques.
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In fact, just 12 crunches to the left, and 12 to the right is equal to 100 old fashioned crunches on the floor... so with Cross Crunch you can simply sit in your comfortable chair and get a complete ab workout that is fast and effective!
Complete Cross Crunch™ Kit
You get the Cross Crunch™ abdominal exerciser,
adjustable resistance bands and the easy-to-follow
Flatter Firmer Abs Program to help you achieve
amazing results quickly.
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